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On Air

Listen to the trial broadcast of Bush Telly Radio. It requires Windows Media Player.

Listen (20KB/s)


Bush Telly Radio is trying to provide a simple internet radio sevice that is as widely accessible to as many people as possible.

This is an initial trial to first make sure it works for everyone.

Please report any faults to the Pipi User Support Forum so we can improve the quality and reliablity of this service.

To report a fault in your forum message you will need to provide information about your computer so the causes can be discovered.

  • What happened and at what time
  • Any error code in Windows Media Player
  • What version of Windows Media Player you have
  • What operating system you are using
  • What browser version you are using
  • What is the speed of your internet connection

The ERIS people will then work on fixing the problem. There are known problems with the Firefox browser and Windows Media Player. A free plugin is available that fixes this problem.

And, if you don't have any problems, you can also report that to the forum so we know what is working. Please provide the same information about your computer.

Many thanks
Bush Telly


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